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Four Ways to Find More Time…

communication leadership mindset Apr 24, 2023
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Four Ways to Find More Time…

(By Jeff Schiefelbein) 

I have the time for my six young kids, a fantastic marriage, a new business, a consistent speaking schedule, several nonprofit boards, involvement in my parish, and space for reading, writing, prayer, and leisure.


1️⃣ Decisiveness - I assess, pray, decide, act, and then I don’t worry about the other choices I could have made.

2️⃣ Empowerment - I give agency and authority to others, celebrating their effort and lessons learned more than the outcomes.

3️⃣ Efficiency - I rarely walk from one place in the house to another without accomplishing another task along the way, like carrying laundry or listening to a book while I do early morning dishes.

4️⃣ Real Talk - I am intentional in every conversation, skipping the surface-level talk of weather and opting for meaningful engagement instead. This approach leads to deeper relationships with shorter, less frequent conversations.

Where do you get extra time without shortcutting the most meaningful parts of life?

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