The BeatiDudes Podcast

Each week co-hosts Jeff Schiefelbein, Paul Kolker, and Nick Bezner explore every life from the perspective of men seeking to follow God's will while they grow closer together in holiness and humor.

The BeatiDudes releases two episodes each week, a longer (~40 min) show on Mondays and a bonus episode (~12 min) on Fridays.

The BeatiDudes.... Religiously Funny


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BeatiDudes Appearances on Other Podcasts


Cover image for Jeff Schiefelbein on Rise Leaders Radio

Rise Leaders Radio

Jeff Schiefelbein appears on Rise Leaders Radio to discuss Undivided Living and Transforming Mistakes with LeeAnn Mallory (June 2022)

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Cover image for One Visit Away podcast

One Visit Away

Jeff Schiefelbein appears on One Visit Away to discuss innovation, philanthropy, and second chances with Kevin Fitzpatrick (December 2020)

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Jeff Schiefelbein on The Brand Manual Podcast

The Brand Manual

Jeff Schiefelbein appears on The Brand Manual podcast to discuss intentional culture building and innovation with the team from Fidelis Creative (November 2021)

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Cover Image for Catholic Creatives Podcast

Catholic Creatives

Jeff Schiefelbein appears on the Catholic Creatives podcast to discuss risk taking and culture with Marcellino D'Ambrosio (December 2018)

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Cover Image for Where's My Parachute podcast

Where's My Parachute

Jeff Schiefelbein appears on Where's My Parachute to discuss entrepreneurship and company culture with Steve LaMure (March 2020)

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Jeff Schiefelbein on The Brand Manual Podcast

Fostering Conversations

Jeff Schiefelbein appears on Fostering Conversations to discuss the call to living an Undivided Life with Shane Jackson (April 2022)

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Bookmarked Podcast Logo

The Bookmarked Podcast

Paul Kolker's nationally recognized podcast. Your favorite children's books ready by Paul with character voices. The Bookmarked Podcast.

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Cover Image for the Petrus Development Podcast

Petrus Development

Jeff Schiefelbein joins Andrew Robinson on the Petrus Development podcast to discuss culture and the Undivided Life (January 2023)

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