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Be present, be real, live undivided.

Undivided Life

Leveraging years of successful culture building, innovative leadership, and high impact coaching, Jeff Schiefelbein challenges participants to breakdown common workplace barriers and begin living an undivided life.

Achieving unconventional results often requires an unconventional approach to problem solving, teambuilding, and process design. When we realize that work is a place of human formation, we can build teams where individual contributors are equipped to show up in life with their full selves. The promotion of human dignity and flourishing in the workplace unleashes our individual capacity for creativity, risk taking, connectivity with others, and contribution to the common good in all aspects of our lives.


"Jeff is one of the best speakers I've heard in my entire life. He has an incredible ability to be both relatable and inspiring all at once, making you feel like you've known him all your life, and also that you want to be the best you can be because Jeff makes the path forward seem hopeful and worthwhile. He makes you feel like he is speaking to you personally, and I've seen him do this for groups of all sizes. Jeff takes the purpose of the speaking engagement to heart and crafts his message to resonate with your audience. If you want your audience to be moved to personal growth and deeper engagement with your mission, then there is no person I recommend more highly than Jeff."
Jennifer Baugh
Founder & National Executive Director, Young Catholic Professionals (YCP)
Jeff Schiefelbein is truly one of the most motivational and impactful speakers I have ever had the pleasure of listening to.  His poignant message of lessons learned will change your life.  Jeff is truly a transformational leader that walks the talk!
Dr. Ben Welch
Assistant Dean for Executive Education, Centre for Exeuctive Development at Texas A&M University
“Jeff is a wealth of insight and wisdom. His transparency and humility convey his authenticity, opening audiences up to receive meaningful messages. I have tremendous respect and admiration for him.”
Shane Jackson
President, Jackson Healthcare
“Jeff Schiefelbein is a fascinating and entertaining speaker/motivator. Listening to Jeff speak about the lessons he has learned and hearing his sincere words of advice are truly motivating. If he was a football coach and I was his player, I’d be ready to run the locker room’s brick walls just to get on the field to represent him. He’s a powerful speaker and a first-class gentleman.”
Rusty Burson
Director of Membership & Communication, Miramount Country Club. Author of 24 Books
“Inspiring, captivating and thought-provoking is how I would describe a Jeff Schiefelbein speech. Jeff’s knowledge, empathy and genuine love for people is nothing short of inspiring. I’ve seen Jeff speak live and due to the massive impact of his speech, I’ve become a fan and follower of his principles. Stylistically, Jeff grabs your attention with inspirational stories of the human spirit. Principally, he will leave a lasting impact on the audience. Invite Jeff to speak at your organization - your people will be better team members and humans as a result; organizational culture will improve and morale will increase. It would be a wise and long lasting investment in your people.”
Chad Bruckner
Co-Founder, The Breaking Badge Show
Engaging, humble, impactful and hilarious! Jeff is a speaker that your audience, team or conference delegates will discuss long after the event ends. He is able to connect with his audience through not only his charisma, but more importantly, his vulnerability. I’ve been witness to this gift for over two decades and am always in awe of his ability to make an impact.
Katy King
Assistant Director, Memorial Student Center at Texas A&M University

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