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The Undivided Life team delivers customized talks for any audience, from executive retreats to conference keynotes. Topics include culture building, servant leadership, and the call to live an Undivided Life.

For any Catholic/Christian speaking opportunities, Jeff Schiefelbein is a member of the Catholic Speakers Organization.

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Dr. Ben Welch, Center for Executive Development, Texas A&M University

Dr. Ben Welch 

Assistant Dean for Executive Education at the Center for Executive Development, Texas A&M University 

Jeff Schiefelbein is truly one of the most motivational and impactful speakers I have ever had the pleasure of listening to.  His poignant message of lessons learned will change your life.  Jeff is truly a transformational leader that walks the talk! 

Nathan Havey, Institute for Corporate Transformation

Nathan Havey 

Co-Founder, Institute for Corporate Transformation 

Jeff is the real deal: A conscious leader who has built one of the best workplaces, a devoted family man, a grounded and passionate leader working to create a better world, and fun, funny, and genuine guy who leaves a positive mark on everyone.  Jeff is more than a dynamic speaker.  He is a visionary that helps audiences to remember what matters most in business and in life and, from that foundation, discover greater success in both.

Bishop Edward J. Burns, Catholic Diocese of Dallas

Bishop Edward J. Burns

Bishop of The Catholic Diocese of Dallas

I have witnessed Jeff Schiefelbein offer sincere testimony about his life, his family, and his faith. Jeff is most articulate and steadfast in his convictions and presents a very healthy and wholesome perspective on the challenges of living a faithful and disciplined life today. I am grateful for Jeff’s authentic ability to live life as a husband, father,  businessman, and disciple of Jesus Christ and his willingness to help others along the way.

Jeff Schiefelbein speaking at a gala
Jeff Schiefelbein keynote address
Jeff Schiefelbein speaking on stage
Jeff Schiefelbein hosting live radio show
Jeff Schiefelbein speaking to a large audience
Jeff Schiefelbien in studio to record a keynote address
David Colletti, Vice President, Mergers & Acquisitions, 7-Eleven

David Colletti

Vice President, Mergers & Acquisitions, 7-Eleven

Jeff was the key speaker at my team’s offsite in the fall of 2019.  In a few hours, Jeff moved and inspired my team to transform their thinking from individual members of a team to a team that has individual members.  He helped us connect the personal with the professional and challenged us to live undivided lives.  Unbeknownst to us at the time, Jeff's impact solidified key pillars of our continued teamwork when we had to go remote a few months later.  I credit the tools Jeff gave me with helping my team’s incredible performance during the pandemic.  If you’re interested in (i) taking your team from ordinary to extraordinary, (ii) challenging your thinking, (iii) bringing the whole and best of all of you and your team members every day, and (iv) transforming your impact, Jeff is your man.

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