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Creating Great Company Culture is So Simple That It's Difficult

communication company culture leadership mindset personal development undivided life Mar 18, 2024
Jeff Schiefelbein speaking to a company

Creating a great company culture is simple. That is what makes it so difficult.

Many people are curious about company culture, wondering how they, too, can create a dynamic workplace. They clearly see that we build teams where people are excited to solve problems together, resulting in lower costs and steady growth. They innately wish the same for their organization, but they have never been part of a company where business felt like a team sport rather than an individual effort. Naturally, they begin searching for the secret sauce or the magic program that will change it all.

Is there a book, a conference, or a movement that can set you up for fast success?

Is there an influencer that provides the answers and the blueprint for success?


As it turns out, the secret is more simple and more difficult because it is not based on some program or playbook. The pathway to creating a company culture that cultivates human formation and team-based excellence is simply virtuous leadership.

That’s right. All you have to do is live your life virtuously. You should lead with prudence, justice, temperance, and fortitude, and you must do so without any division in your character or your approach. In other words, you can build a people-centric organization with sustainable growth and workplace excellence by living an Undivided Life.

Maximize Your Undivided Life Impact with Magnanimity

What is Magnanimity?
• A noble generosity
• Being great of mind and heart
• The ultimate virtue of a leader

It’s simple, really. But in order to practice these virtues, we have to be deprogrammed from years of bad education. We see the exact opposite behavior in the “leaders” who are heralded in magazines and on social media for their business prowess. We have to undue the feelings of pride and ego that we received each time we were high-fived for selfish acts during our climb up the career ladder. We need to recognize that just because we “got ahead” by acting a certain way in our business dealings, that does not negate the fact that we could have made it a lot further if we had not done so at the expense of others.

While this focus on magnanimity must be cultivated from within, I often write about various exercises related to mindset, communication, and relationship building to serve as an external influence on your journey. When we reframe how we think about opportunities, issues, and the people in our lives, we can shift towards a more virtuous leadership style. When we are more intentional about our approach to difficult conversations and our overall delivery of communication, we can build stronger bonds and contribute to the growth of others. When we invest in group dynamics and relationships as a pillar of formation, our organizations experience the multiplicative effects of 1 + 1 +1 = 10.

So, where can you start today? Here are 3 easy starting places.

Mindset - - Don’t try to be better than the people around you. Try being better FOR them, instead.

Communication - - Refer to your employees as co-workers when introducing them or talking about them. They will notice the shift from “she’s my employee” to “we are co-workers,” you will begin a new chapter in how others feel about your organization.

Relationships - - Invite two people to lunch together with you this week instead of your normal one-on-one lunches. This approach creates triadic relationships that become far more fruitful and formative for everyone involved, including you.

Bonus – When you are greeting someone in passing, stop walking and engage them in a dialogue that includes active listening and genuine curiosity. This is a game-changer.

Are you ready to build great company culture? The commitment is simple. Begin living in virtue and commit to continue on this path for the rest of your days because the journey is the destination. 


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