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Undivided Life Adds Key Talent During Fast Growth

leadership recruiting strategy Oct 02, 2023
Cody Slape Joins Undivided Life

Cody Slape joins Undivided Life as the company’s Chief Optimizer.

October 2, 2023


Only nine months into the launch of Undivided Life, the demand for the company’s services has led to the organization’s first critical hire to fill the role of Chief Optimizer.

Knowing that this role requires a highly strategic leader who can make an immediate impact on current clients while also assisting with the internal strategy development of the firm, we could not be more excited to announce the hiring of Cody Slape.

Cody is a driven and passionate leader with a knack for strategic leadership and a love for quantitative analysis. In his time at well-known brands like Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, Wingstop, and AT&T, Cody operated with a fast-paced execution style and tireless work ethic. He used his creativity and problem-solving abilities in roles related to supply chain optimization, customer journey design, financial analytics, project management, pricing, channel development strategies, and more.

Cody received his bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from Yale University and his MBA from Texas A&M University. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Board for the Dallas Chapter of the Young Catholic Professionals. He and his wife have two little boys, with a third boy on the way soon.

Cody is the first in a line of several heavy hitters set to join the Undivided Life team over the next 6 months to ensure proper design and deployment of the Undivided Life Operating System through the company’s client consulting, content delivery, incubator, and private equity partnership.

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