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Work From Work Flexibility (WFWF)

company culture mindset strategy Aug 29, 2023
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Work From Work Flexibility...

For the past two decades and across three  companies, I have proclaimed and promoted Work from Work Flexibility (WFWF). In that timeframe, I have launched and led award-winning companies known for great company culture and sustained growth.

Originally, long before the pandemic, WFWF was my way of countering the old clichés about work/life balance. That term never resonated with me as it seemed to somehow bifurcate Work and Life, utter nonsense. When we work and when we don’t work, we are living a life, and that life will be better lived if we understand how to do so undividedly.

Now, in a post-pandemic world, the strength of this approach is just as valid as it was before, and perhaps even more so. 

The mindset is easy to summarize. Work works best when we work together at work, AND adults should be given the freedom, trust, and dignity to handle all their responsibilities however, whenever, and wherever they deem appropriate.

  • Want to see the kids at school? Cool.
  • Need to be on social media? Go for it.
  • Taking a two-week trip? Have fun.
  • Need to work from home today? Great.

Be an adult. It will all work out.

Successful WFWF requires that leaders give true agency to their team members and that employees honor their commitment to the greater good by operating with the highest degrees of trust and accountability.  

Do you want to implement a WFWF culture within your organization?

Encourage everyone to openly communicate, plan, coordinate with the team, make sacrifices when needed, avoid work when they’re on vacation, and take ownership of their own WFWF and experience by embracing the freedom of accountability.

WFWF doesn’t mean you can’t work from home or that you are a disappointment if you do. I completely appreciate the types of situations or roles that call for the work-from-home setup. But that really isn’t the case for most roles.

WFWF is a clear way to recognize and promote the positive impacts of working with and near others, and without this shift in mindset, many organizations will continue to lose the legacy knowledge and two-way mentorship that helps solidify incredible organizational culture.

Do you want to create a more intentional company culture and consider WFWF as part of the foundation?

Contact Us to discuss the Undivided Life Operating System for breakthrough Strategy and Culture.

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