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Every Sunset is a Rainbow

keynote speaker leadership mindset Apr 17, 2023
Sunrise pic from an airplane

No one ever told me that every sunrise is a rainbow.

I remember flying home from a business trip early in my career and watching the sun slowly set on the horizon.

The red and orange bands became more distinct as the light disappeared, and a yellow hue was cast over most of the sky above.

Then, suddenly, a flash of green perfectly separated the yellow band from the blue sky above it.

It lasted only a few seconds, and then the colors were again smudged together.

The bright green band caught me off-guard, and I was left in awe by this fleeting moment.

A fleeting moment that happens every second of every day as the sun chases the horizon.

Every sunset (and sunrise) is a rainbow,
but you need to be high enough to truly visualize the rainbow in its entirety.

And your life is full of blessings just like this.
Blessings that you can only appreciate if you take a step back,
elevate to a new vantage point, and take it all in.

What rainbow-sunsets are happening in your life right now that could use some attention and appreciation?

Put away the distractions,
elevate to a new vantage point,
take it all in.

(Sunrise pic taken on a recent flight to LA)

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