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One Button Can Impact Your Culture

communication company culture leadership Mar 06, 2023

Delay Delivery 

Using one button can immediately improve your workplace culture. It isn’t new, but most people never use it.

Unfortunately it is typical for leaders and managers to send emails to their team throughout the evenings and weekends under false pretenses.

They say:

❌ “Don’t worry about reading my email until work tomorrow" or “No need to respond.”

But human nature says something different.

👎 The boss is emailing at 8:00 pm; I should also respond to show that I’m working.
👎 My teammate just responded on Saturday morning while I know she is at her daughter’s soccer game; I need to prove that I am just as reliable.
👎 My team is six replies deep, and I haven’t even jumped into the conversation yet; I’ll make time to share my thoughts after the kids go to bed or tomorrow morning before church.

Most people you know are not capable of ignoring a work email from their boss during evenings or weekends. And even fewer people can sit back while an entire team hits “reply all” over and over to discuss something that “can wait until Monday morning.”

Do you want to prove that you respect your team’s personal lives and priorities outside of work?

It’s simple—one button.

------- DELAY DELIVERY ------

If you are working into the night or over the weekend, delay the delivery of your emails until the next workday.

Tell your team that you are taking this new approach and request that they do the same.

If leaders take this approach, then they can hold everyone else to the same standard.

The floating anxiety of checking email during family time dissipates once this new norm is stated and followed.

Delay delivery.

The impact is immediate and palpable.

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