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The Greatest Life Hack for Personal Growth

keynote speaker leadership Jan 11, 2023
Jeff Schiefelbein producing films

One life hack for personal growth stands above the rest.

Do you want to become a writer, a public speaker, a performance coach, or a thought leader, or are you seeking growth in any aspect of life?


Then follow this formula:

Do that thing.

👉 Writers - Start writing.

👉 Speakers - Start speaking.

👉 Coaches - Start coaching.

👉 Thought Leaders – Give it away, give it away, give it away, now.

Reframe your mindset and retrain your brain to do that thing consistently.

Action beats inaction.

In 6 months, you will be a much better writer, speaker, coach, and resource for others on your topic of expertise.

In 12 months, you will be fielding inbound requests for the thing that you do.

In the years to come, your pursuit will become your passion, and you can shift away from profit mode and into a place of impact, purpose, and partnership.

Action is a better life hack than trying to shortcut the process.

Do that thing.

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