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Leave Room for Wisdom

leadership mindset Jan 26, 2023
Jeff Schiefelbein of Undivided Life

Our non-stop pursuit of knowledge leaves no room for wisdom.

We search, click, open more browser windows, listen to books and podcasts at 2x speed while performing other tasks, skim the headlines to be “in the know,” and run with half-truths as if they are bulletproof after hearing one side of a complicated story.

I coach and advise leaders and future leaders daily, and one thing is clear.

The smarter we get about data, facts, events, and trending topics, the less space we leave for discernment, insight, and the supernatural grace of wisdom that comes from something other than your ability to consume.

- - Does any of this describe you and your situation? - -

Try some of these suggestions or find your own:

✔ Go for a walk without making a phone call or listening to something in your headphones.

✔ Read a book that isn’t designed to improve workplace efficiency – the classics are a great place to start.

✔ Better yet, read The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry. Slow down when you read it, though.

✔ Carve out alone time consistently.

✔ Treat rest as sacred -not sleep, that matters, too. Let yourself rest and allow your brain to process and ponder all that you have recently experienced.

 Wisdom is important. Make space for wisdom to take hold inside of you.

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