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How Can Intentional Culture Building Improve Earnings?

communication company culture leadership Sep 18, 2023
Jeff Schiefelbein speaking on stage

When we hear that a company will start focusing on culture, most of us roll our eyes and think, “Here we go again.” This will be another round of meaningless cheerleading events without any real focus on how we communicate, build relationships, and ultimately get work done.

The issue isn’t that culture building is a waste of time but that few people are equipped to lead culture change within their organization. Rather than seek outside help to set a new course, they turn to creative icebreakers, monthly celebrations, and a few other nice gimmicks, but none of which drive home the needed change.  

Every Leader is a Culture Leader.

Instead of hoping your HR team creates a cultural improvement plan, all organizational leaders must recognize the positive effects of a highly engaged workforce and commit to a new way of being. If you only rely on the typical HR department approach, you will likely end up with a new program and a bunch of internal emails that feel more like box-checking than progress.

But how can a step-change in your company’s culture serve as a competitive advantage and improve earnings?

Imagine what happens when you turn the typical workforce into a highly engaged team. Picture the impact on your top-line growth and bottom-line expenses with a team that is

  •  More engaged,
  • More trusting and trustworthy,
  • Highly creative,
  • Optimistic,
  • Collaborative,
  • Solution-oriented,
  • Willing to take appropriate risks,
  • Accountable,
  • Empowered,
  • And stacked with fully formed adults who start the new week by saying, “Thank God it’s Monday.”

Thriving company cultures experience better recruiting, retention, customer service, efficiency, innovation, ownership, stakeholder impact, etc., and less turnover, clock-punching, infighting, legal issues, cumbersome policies, lack of grit, poor client interactions, animosity, protectionist mindsets, and more. They have less waste, more sales, less heartache, and more triumph. They turn work into a team sport and make business human.

Not sure where to start?

Undivided Life offers cultural transformation packages that include assessments, collaborative strategy building, roadmaps, implementation, and ongoing reviews and coaching. 


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