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Join the Undivided Life Leadership Training Program led by renowned culture expert and executive coach, Jeff Schiefelbein, to begin unlocking your leadership potential and owning your personal development today.


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What's included in the Leadership Training Program:

Live training with Jeff Schiefelbein

Live Training  

 Join Jeff each month for live training and interactive office hours.
Undivided Life Leadership Training Community


Access a growing online community of fellow leaders in a moderated forum.
Jeff Schiefelbein & Undivided Life Monthly Content

Monthly Content 

Continue to grow with practical exercises, emails, and videos each month.
Nathan Havey: Co-Founder, Stakeholder Business

Nathan Havey

Co-Founder, Stakeholder Business

"Jeff is the real deal: A conscious leader who has built one of the best workplaces in America, a devoted family man who is there for his loved ones, a grounded and passionate leader working to create a world that works for everyone, and a fun, funny, and genuine guy who leaves a positive mark on everyone he meets.  Jeff is more than a dynamic speaker.  He is a visionary that helps leaders to remember what matters most in business and in life, and from that foundation discover greater success in both."

David Dearie

Founder/President, Enlisted Leadership Foundation

"Jeff Schiefelbein is a culture champion whose experiences and ideas resonate with leaders across all industries.  Jeff is a regular speaker to a group of military leaders and his dynamic personality energizes attendees from around the world.  You cannot help but be a better person (personally and professionally) and a more impactful leader after working with Jeff."

Davide Dearie, Enlisted Leadership Foundation

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