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The 8th Wonder

It’s cool to get a stock tip and make a $500 or $1,000, depending on your account size, but how do you find (and hold!) investments in a portfolio that can generate true wealth? That’s a mission I’ve been on for a long time, and I’ve realized some life-changing success over the last few years (without owning any unprofitable tech, meme stocks, SPACs, etc.).

Through your community membership you too will “learn to fish” for yourself.

And, the best benefits of a group like this is to challenge your convictions, test your theses, share your ideas, and maintain conviction when the long-term thesis is right but the market moves against you in the short term.

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Einstein called compound interest the 8th wonder of the world

Your Outsourced Board of Directors

Have you finally closed your acquisition and are on your journey as an entrepreneur? Maybe you're feeling a more isolated than you expected. Maybe you just want someone to vent to about another employee calling in "sick." Whatever the reason, our community of ETA's is going or has gone through the same growth stages you are experiencing.

Nick Bezner left one of the top private equity firms in the country to help entrepreneurs just like you through this community. Get access to more than  a decade of investment, operations, and finance experience on a daily basis. This is the best value you will ever get for an outsourced board of directors.

Launching in Q2 2023.

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