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Volume 45 - February 5, 2024

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For most people, this doesn't sound possible.
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Insights and Challenges on Strategy and Culture


We did something impossible this past weekend.

Less than two weeks after my wife gave birth to our seventh child, we moved across town with a long U-Haul truck and FIVE full moving PODS, and then we had all six containers unloaded in 61 minutes on Saturday morning.

Here’s how it went down…

  • 9:00 am - Start time.
  • Tacos, coffee, donuts, and Topo Chico ready to go.
  • Thirty-five men from various parts of my life show up and start lifting.
  • Lots of lifting and laughing.
  • 10:01 am – Aaron Guilbeau calls it; everything is unloaded (and mostly in the right place).
  • 10:15 am – Team pictures, fellowship, and lots of fun stories ensure.

It makes me reflect on the old saying that it takes a village...

I once heard a continuation of this proverb that concluded by encouraging you to begin building the village that you need. If you know that a primary ingredient for success is the support of your fellow villagers, then what could you be doing every day to strengthen that village? I regularly spend time making genuine connections and serving others, knowing that my investment in community building helps form me and build the bonds that matter when help is needed.

And can’t we say the same for our work environments?

We often hear that a thriving company culture leads to lower turnover, increased engagement, better productivity, easier recruiting, more innovation, less litigation, etc. Still, most leaders aren’t taking the steps today to build the foundation of a thriving organizational culture.

To experience breakthrough results at work, we should put in the time, effort, money, and intentional focus on culture building. We should build stronger villages by genuinely connecting with co-workers and stakeholders as we seek to serve others.

If you put the right Culture Foundations in place, your company can begin competing with what’s possible and experience your world-record moments like the great Schiefelbein unloading of 2024.

What will you do to begin building the village and the culture that will make the difference? 

Leadership Training Course Available

Culture Foundations is a six-course online leadership development series designed by Undivided Life for growth-minded leaders passionate about strategy and culture.

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Insights and Challenges on Strategy and Culture