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Volume 38 - December 4, 2023

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Culture + Strategy = Impact

What if you started each new week saying, "Thank God it's Monday"?
For most people, this doesn't sound possible.
But you can begin building the future you want now with Undivided Life.
Leveraging our strategy and culture expertise, we equip and empower leaders to
create thriving organizations that promote human flourishing.  

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The Big Splash Issue

1. BRAND Splash

DRIP Social Sauna & Cold Plunge

Cold plunge is the new cross fit. 

The first time you hear someone talk about cold plunging it sounds like cross fit - both intense and crazy.  Then you try it and realize that it's hard not to talk about because it makes you feel so good. 

Last week the team from Undivided Life along with a group of business partners launched our first location of DRIP Social Sauna and Cold Plunge in Cleburne, Texas. Conveniently located inside of the World Gym, DRIP's opening weekend was a smash hit and the free trial time slots are almost completely booked for the start of our first full week of operations. 

Visit the DRIP website

Detach | Detox | Defy 





The Story Engine Podcast

How is reckless entrepreneurship similar to drunk driving? 

Jeff Schiefelbein recently joined master story teller Kyle Gray to tackle this question and more on The Story Engine Podcast.

Episode Link



3. PODCAST Splash

The BeatiDudes 


Online Catholic news and information website Aleteia released a riveting piece on the humble beginnings and ultimate impact of The BeatiDudes podcast.

Check out the article here.

And subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast app, or on YouTube, SPIRITUSTV, TUVU, Fio, or The Heroic Men Platform from the Catholic Men's Leadership Alliance. 

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5 Minutes | 3 Insights | Immediate Impact