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Volume 21 - July 25, 2023

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Making Business Human

By combining strategy, culture, and a passion for human flourishing,

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Special Edition - What Are We Studying



Know Your Audience

Launch and Ask


As a newly formed business, we are eagerly uncovering the needs of our potential clients and gradually getting to know each of them prior to making our offers. As part of our exploration, we have enjoyed combining the methodologies and mindsets behind two great marketing books, Launch and Ask.

  • Launch is a step-by-step blueprint to creating products that people want and building the right excitement and customer engagement to successfully market your products to the people that care want them.¬†
  • Ask by Ryan Levesque provides a counterintuitive approach to uncovering what customers want to buy through a series of online surveys and choose-you-own-adventure interactions that results in a raving fans rather than just clients.¬†

Truly understanding your audience and their needs is a gamechanger.



Leadership Virtues

The Art of Principled Entrepreneurship  

Andreas Widmer, author of The Pope and the CEO, hits another homerun with his deep-dive into the values and impacts of a people-centric organizational culture.  As entrepreneurs, we look to thought-leaders like Widmer to illuminate the pathways before us.  

The Art of Principled Entrepreneurship outlines the five pillars that form the foundation of an entrepreneurial organization seeking to humanize work.

  • The economy existing for us (not the other way around)
  • To work is to create and to create is to be human
  • Intentional culture is key to success in business
  • Principled business creates win-win solutions
  • Always think like an entrepreneur.¬†

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LinkedIn Comes to Life

Justin Welsh 


LinkedIn became a major part of our new business launch by sheer accident. After many months of sharing leadership lessons and coaching concepts on LinkedIn, managing partner Jeff Schiefelbein started to receive daily inbound requests for consulting, coaching, and speaking.

The reality of LinkedIn's powerful reach and its relative lack of normal social media noise led us to be more intentional in our LinkedIn efforts as a company. Justin Welsh is the foremost authority online for LinkedIn content creation and engagement and we highly recommend following his work and considering his course.

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