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Volume 20 - July 18, 2023

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The Power of Employee Ownership


In the summer of 2022, global investment leader KKR announced that it had completed the sale of C.H.I. Overhead Doors to Nucor Corporation.  But this was no normal company sale announcement.

As part of the deal closing, C.H.I. employees received substantial cash payouts averaging $175,000 as part of their equity in the company.

Take a moment to watch this 3-minute video of the big announcement that forever changed the lives of the 800 employees and their families.

Employee ownership is powerful.

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The Power of Healthy Habits  

“I looked like an angry Kevin Costner…  And felt twice my age.” – Jeff Schiefelbein

Jeff recently shared a LinkedIn reflection about weight loss and healthy living that resonated with readers in a big way.    

Learn more about the methodical way Jeff made changes in his daily routines and diet in order to get his health back under control.

Healthy habits are powerful.  

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The Power of Vacation 

People who don’t take their vacation time get ahead, right?

Not according to this Harvard Business Review article on personal productivity, The Data-Driven Case for Vacation.

If you take all your vacation days and plan ahead for trips, you will increase your happiness, success rate, and likelihood of promotion, and you’ll lower your stress level to boot.

Read more and then mark your calendars for the next vacation.  And don’t leave any vacation days on the table when the year concludes. If you are not taking all your time off, you’re not working more — you’re volunteering your time. As the study says, “By giving up this time off, Americans are effectively volunteering hundreds of millions of days of free work for their employers, which results in $61.4 billion in forfeited benefits.” Stop overworking for free!

Vacation time is powerful.

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5 Minutes | 3 Insights | Immediate Impact