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Volume 19 - July 11, 2023

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Making Business Human

By combining strategy, culture, and a passion for human flourishing,

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Special Edition - Who Are We Following

For New Perspectives:

James Rhee


What would business look like with a new perspective on valuing goodwill? 

That is the question that James Rhee asked himself as he reviewed the balance sheet for the nearly bankrupt Ashley Stewart, one the country's largest clothing brands serving plus-sized Black women, and realized there has to be a better way. His work in combining kindness and math not only created a remarkable turnaround story, it also highlighted the unlikely friendship between the son of Korean immigrants and a predominantly Black female employee group who placed their mutual trust in one another, learned from one another, and then proceeded to quietly shock the world. 

Rhee's organization, Red Helicopter, is helping others to see that goodwill is a collectively owned asset. It’s created in small moments and quietly accumulates on your balance sheet.  They work with clients to create goodwill, and then teach the team to operationalize and harvest it, ultimately measuring assets and liabilities that are difficult to see and uniting teams together in a common cause. 

More on James & Red Helicopter



Eva Rose Daniel

For Public Speaking: 

Eva Rose Daniel


Eva Rose Daniel is one of our favorite content creators and an expert when it comes to developing content and perfecting your delivery. She offers daily content on LinkedIn with practical tips and exercises to improve your public speaking confidence and impact. 

She is also the owner of The Speak Shop, a coaching organization through which she provides speaking training for individuals and teams. For anyone looking to grow in their performance and effectiveness on or off the stage, Eva Rose Daniel is a highly recommended person to follow. 

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For Meaningful Gifting:

John Ruhlin


In a world full of throw-away swag and meaningless gifts, John Ruhlin set a new standard with his book and his message surrounding Gift•ology. His approach leads to higher impact, less waste, and more meaning behind the countless dollars spent on corporate "stuff."

Here are some questions to consider:

What if instead of giving away cheap products with your own company logo on them, you gifted quality items with the other person's name or logo on them? 

How much more impactful would it be to provide executives with a high end $40 coffee mug from a local artisan than to spend $140 on a watch that they would never wear or care about? 

What if gifting wasn't about promoting your logo and instead it became about intentionally improving the lives of the recipients? 

Ruhlin addresses these questions and so much more in his talks and his book. His company, The Ruhlin Group, can also help to craft your gifting strategy and execution plan when you are ready to upgrade your approach to sw 

Learn More about John Ruhlin and Gift•ology

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