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Volume 16 - June 13, 2023

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Making Business Human

By combining strategy, culture, and a passion for human flourishing,

Undivided Life emboldens, empowers, and equips leaders to create

thriving organizations and experience true success.  

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Persevere to Achieve the Impossible

What would you do if you were being told by almost everyone that what you were trying to achieve was impossible?

Where would you turn for motivation, accountability, and hope?

Check out this week's top LinkedIn post from Jeff Schiefelbein for a story that is almost too good to be true. 

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Leadership Challenge 

A simple word change that builds two-way respect and loyalty.


When introducing a person that works for you,
Especially outside of the office
in Social settings,
Don’t refer to them as your employee…

Call them your coworker, instead.


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Book Recommendation

Selling without Selling Out

By Sunny Vanderbeck

"For many leaders, people and culture are important, but the traditional process prioritizes financial outcomes over everything else. What if you could raise capital or sell your company knowing you are doing the right thing, not just for yourself, but for everyone who helped you get here? There is a way to do just that—to get an outcome that honors both your legacy and your values."

After seven incredible years at Satori Capital, Nick Bezner feels blessed to have learned the world of private equity and M&A from the best, including founding partner Sunny Vanderbeck.  Now as an advisor to many first time business buyers and business owners looking to scale, Nick consistently recommends Sunny's book as a day one starting place for all clients. 

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Subscribe to the weekly Undivided Life Newsletter

5 Minutes | 3 Insights | Immediate Impact