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Volume 14 - May 30, 2023

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Making Business Human

By combining strategy, culture, and a passion for human flourishing,

Undivided Life emboldens, empowers, and equips leaders to create

thriving organizations and experience true success.  

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Jeff on Aggie Growth Hacks Podcast

Dignity, Empowerment, Purpose, Solidarity, Justice


 "As a leader you should give dignity to all things. In every interaction you have in your life, business or not. We try to make business human. And dignity is at the forefront of that." 


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"Obviously, he is trying to make me look bad."


He constantly undermines my authority, and I’m not sure why he is so against me.

In our upset, we quickly proclaim that we know exactly what someone else is thinking.

We make definitive statements about the heart of another person.

We repeat these sentiments until they are too true to possibly be wrong.

We “obviously” know something,
And if we say it enough,
Everyone else believes it, too.

But that simply isn’t the case.

I’ve coached individuals and groups enough to see that no one can ever fully know the intentions and perspectives of another person.

When you dig in on the most painful issues, you find that intentions are often very different from our perceptions.

When two people hold the same image in their hand and explain to me what they see, their answers are often very different. They literally see a still image differently than one another.

If we see images differently, imagine how differently we must see complex relationships and ongoing communication….

Yet we state that someone is “obviously” acting in a certain way for some reason that we know for sure.

The next time you claim that you know another person’s intentions, take a deep breath and acknowledge that you couldn’t possibly know the complete picture.

That will open the door for dialogue and give room for grace and understanding.

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