Creating a Culture of Coaching

Are you looking to upgrade your organizational culture?

Have you tried to offer development opportunities in the past only to experience a lack of impact, engagement, and enthusiasm?

Creating a Culture of Coaching will provide immediate improvements that are accessible, impactful, inexpensive, and practical.

Jeff Schiefelbein on stage delivering a keynote address
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Creating a Culture of Coaching will change everything.

Your team is looking to you to make a meaningful investment in their growth and development but past attempts have led to a lack of impact, engagement, and enthusiasm.

This class will create an immediate improvement to your organizational culture and provide step-by-step instructions on how to launch The Gamechanger, our Annual Activation Program. 

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David Colletti, Vice President, Mergers and Acquisitions, 7-Eleven

Jeff was the key speaker at my team’s offsite in the fall of 2019. In a few hours, Jeff moved and inspired my team to transform their thinking from individual members of a team to a team that has individual members. He helped us connect the personal with the professional and challenged us to live undivided lives. Unbeknownst to us at the time, Jeff's impact solidified key pillars of our continued teamwork when we had to go remote a few months later. I credit the tools Jeff gave me with helping my team’s incredible performance during the pandemic. If you’re interested in (i) taking your team from ordinary to extraordinary, (ii) challenging your thinking, (iii) bringing the whole and best of all of you and your team members every day, and (iv) transforming your impact, Jeff is your man.